Looking for a winning formula?

Take a young woman, raised in a family of Standard bred racing royalty; her mother was a well known breeder and her father was a Hall of Fame driver.  Introduce her to a cowboy raised on the backside of Thoroughbred tracks with a father who taught him the difference between horses as business only and horses as noble animals deserving  the best care and training available.  The result is Phoenix Performance Horses; a combination of east meets west with a focus on training the horse and rider from the ground up.


Lucretia Galbraith is a talented dressage rider with many awards and accolades to confirm her ability.  But what becomes obvious very quickly is her amazing ability to ‘read’ a horse and rider and train them to their highest potential.  Lucretia has been a trainer who quietly made horses.  Horses that others thought would never make it but she believed in them, worked with them.  Gained their trust and confidence with her quiet patience.  Her soft, subtle ways extend to her students as well and they love her as much as her horses do.



Shane Ogden is an accomplished reiner but is also well known for the strong basics he puts on every horse.  Encouraging the bond between horse and rider while always considering the communication must be clear and thoughtful; one slow step at a time.  He insists riding a horse is a relationship based business and constantly reinforces that with his students.  His strong skills build soft, confident horses and his teaching methods test students to be better; all with a constant chatter and a quick laugh.  His lessons range from trail to games to cow work but always with a sense of humor and just enough pressure to make his students (young and old) work hard for him…and love him.

Come see for yourself what Phoenix Performance Horses is all about.  Lucretia and Shane can’t wait to meet you.